forever 21 x style calling

Creative Direction by: Christopher Papan and Ren Toye  

Clothing Stylist: Ghazal Elhaei 

Videographer and Editor: Ren Toye 

Photographer: Christopher Papan 

Model: Hayley of Family Management.

Stylist Assistants: Megan Marrinan, Jerome Insorio  

Hair and Make-Up: Vanessa Wong

lizbell promo 2015

Videography and Direction by:  Christopher Papan and Ren Toye     

Editor:  Ren Toye and Christopher Papan 

Models:  Liz Bell Agency

Hair and Make-up:   Victoria Ferguson 

Makeup Assistant:  Danielle Abrams

Clothing Stylist:  Ghazal Elhaei 

débora cruz for 55 mgt


Creative Direction/ Videographer/Editor: Christopher Papan

Clothing Stylist:  Tháric Diniz  

Lighting Assistant/ Assistant Editor: Greg Barnett 

Models: Debora of 55 MGT 

Producer: Alex Fourier of 55 MGT

Location: Sao Paulo, Brasil


Producer and Photographer:  Christopher Papan 

Clothing Stylist: Vincent Lee  

Director and Videographer:  Ren Toye    Editor: Ren Toye 

Hair and Make-up:  Talysia Ayala

Models: Rachelle and Tyg of LizBell Agency

daiana for elite

Videographer:  Christopher Papan

Assistant/Assistant Editor: Greg Barnett 

Model:  Daiana Stein of Elite Model Management

i see noise

Videographers:  Christopher Papan and Rene Toye  

Editor:  Christopher Papan  

Client:  I See Noise by Randa Salloum

i spy

Photography/Concept/Producer:  Christopher Papan 

Clothing Stylist: Lauren Danielle DesLauriers

Hair and Make-up: Talysia Ayala  

Hair and Make-up Assistant:  Doni Zhu 

Photographic Assistant:  Kevin Genzel

Video Editor:  Rene Toye and Christopher Papan

Models:  Brittany S and Alica D from NEXT MODELS CANADA


somedays for next

Producer and Photographer: Christopher Papan

Clothing Stylist:  Lauren Danielle DesLauriers

Make-up: Oz Zandiyeh 

Hair:  Samantha Elizabeth

Videographer:  Rene Toye 

Lighting Assistant:  Kevin Genzel

Models: Yasmin and Holden of NEXT Models


Photography and Direction: Christopher Papan

Clothing Stylist: Chelsea Leadbetter 

Hair and Make-up: Kristin Brezden 

Videographer:  Rene Toye 

Models:  Brittany and Chelsea L 



Videographer: Christopher Papan

Clothing Stylist:  Tháric Diniz  

Lighting Assistant/Assistant Editor: Greg Barnett  

Model: Debora Cruz of 55 MGT 

Producer: Alex Fourier of 55 MGT

Location: Sao Paulo, Brasil

Kezia Nathe: WOODS

Videography and Editing by: Christopher Papan

Location: Vancouver, Bristish Columbia

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